I'm Dave Naylor, born in Oldham, Lancashire but living in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

I'm married to Lisa and we have a young son called Fraser. I also have two adult daughters, Lisa and Rebecca.

I'm a Linux user, Vim addict, music lover, web development guy and Oldham Rugby League fan.

I also carry out voluntary work at the rugby club, calling on my technical skills to manage the club website, social media accounts and act as match-day photographer, occasional videographer and programme co-producer.

I was named Supporters Direct Community Champion in 2016 for my rugby league related work.

I've played lots of cricket, flown lots of kites, raced in kite buggies, attended lots of music festivals—latterly mostly Glastonbury.


I'm a synesthete, cloud spotter, left-winger and Tory hating european citizen.

I tweet at both @Caramboo and @RoughyedsFan. You can catch me across other social media platforms with the same addresses.

I'm available for your next poject, drop me an email on the contact page.