I'm a bloke from northern England

I am

  • Dave Naylor, a Lancastrian bloke living in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I was born in the mill-town of Oldham but I migrated to the eastern side of the Pennines over thirty years ago.

  • In 2004 I ended up living near the bottom of the M621; I’ve been there ever since. I suppose I’m now from Leeds, something at which a younger me would have baulked.

  • Married to Lisa, a Leeds girl, and we have a son: Fraser. I have two daughters: Rebecca who lives in London with her husband Ryan and Lisa who lives in Meltham with her fiancee Matt. We have a cat called George.

I can

  • Build, fix and maintain websites.
  • Do lots of other webby/devoppy things.
  • Configure servers.
  • Design print and web graphics.
  • Take and post process photos.
  • Make knockout curries.

I have

Played lots of cricket, chased baddies, watched lots of rugby league, flown kites, ridden motorbikes, raced in parakarts, worn a lab coat, careered around Yorkshire, dabbled in politics, been to the Glastonbury festival a lot, seen countless gigs

I like

Cricket, rugby league, photography, video, computers, linux, music, politics, film, cooking, clouds, Thatcher’s Cider and Timothy Taylor’s beer. That’s not an exhaustive list, I’ve probably forgotten a few things.

I use

  • A 5K 27" iMac with a stupid amount of ram. I have an installation of Arch Linux on my older PC and then I have an under-the-desk headless server running Ubuntu.

  • A OnePlus phone, an iPad Mini and an i7 MacBook Air when away from home.

  • Vim for code, NeoMutt for e-mail and Colemak for typing.

I don’t

  • Use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Windows or Zoom.
  • Enter Starbucks or use an Uber.
  • Vote Tory