Fraser’s due back in school in two week’s time. I don’t want him to go, a lot, but he’s going to have to. He needs to but waaaaaaah!

My favourite marketing numpties have written another blog post. It’s like your drunk aunty has just discovered the internet and has decided to write about it.

Compulsory mask wearing comes into force tomorrow. Just visited the supermarket around 9pm. No shits being given, 20% mask use. It’s going to be a roller coaster of a ride.

Turned out the Leopard wasn’t very hungry for my face. Not yet anyway.

Last night we ordered our first take-away pizza since lockdown started. I think my capacity to consume an 11" deep pan meaty monster is somewhat reduced. #Bloated

Voluntarily offered-up my face to be eaten by Leopards. Now waiting for the pain to start.

Had one cider too many last night after dinner at the out-laws. Then Lisa had us cellar tidying this morning. It’s not been a totally fun day.

@LisaSew is on the warpath this morning. Full weekly shop failed to be delivered by Morrisons and we can’t get a new slot before the 11th, three days away.

Uh oh. A nail in one of our car’s tyres has led to a requirement for not one but three new tyres. 220+ quid.