I want to create a list of songs that have a relevance in my life or remind me of a particular time or occasion.

The songs may not be personal favourites, they'll just be significant to me.

The songs won't be in any particular order or preference.

I'm starting with a George Ezra song since he was on the Jools Holland Hootenanny last night, December 31 2018.

Budapest — George Ezra

In 2005 I made my annual trip to the Glastonbury Festival with my two daughters, Lisa and Rebecca.  Lisa's two friends Helen and Kaylie accompanied us.  

My wife Lisa—my girlfriend at the time—was on holiday in Portugal with her friends.

Helen, Lisa, Becca, Kaylie

The festival was a very wet one that year. A thunderstorm on the Thursday night left much of the site under water and the infamous Glastonbury mud quickly followed.

Through adversity we met a group of guys from Wolverhampton.  They were camping in the same field as our camp site but I was super suspicious of them at first.  My suspicions were unfounded though because they all turned out to be great guys.

I've since stayed in touch, particularly with one of their number called Dave.  He's the one holding the flag in this picture.

Pete, Lee, Dave and Neil

The toaster on the flag was part of an art project. Dave and his mates carried that flag all through the festival, and for many more after that.

At a subsequent Glastonbury—coincidentally Lisa's first one—Dave met and formed a relationship with his now wife Kate.

Here they are in 2008, Kate on the right as you look at the picture.  

I didn't spot it at first but the guy popping his head into the shot on the left is Steve, mentioned below.  Sadly, Steve died in 2014. (Hello mate, we miss you in Somerset fields).

Lucy, Dave, Kate

Whoosh forward a few years and we reach 2014. Dave and Kate were due to marry in Abingdon and I was invited to Dave's stag do, in, you guessed it, Budapest.

I was a bit reluctant to go to be honest, I'm not exactly a shy tea-totaller but I didn't know how I'd cope with the whole boozy stag-do ethos. Lisa found herself dragging me to Manchester Airport where I caught a flight to Hungary's capital.

I arrived 24 hours in advance of the main stag party due to different flight times. I had to navigate the Budapest transport system alone from the airport to Budapest city centre. The journey involved a bus trip followed by a subway ride and then a short walk to my hotel, the Ibis Budapest Centrum.

I spent the first evening wandering about the city near the hotel and enjoying a meal in a local restaurant.

The bulk of the stag party arrived at noon on the following day and the rest of the weekend was spent bar hopping, eating and drinking. Much merriment ensued. You know how it goes.

At one point we drank a toast to our departed friend Steve who'd been found dead in his home earlier that year. It made me cry a bit.

The guys

George Ezra's song Budapest was everywhere at the time and it just kept playing on repeat in my head throughout the entire trip.

We had a great weekend and I have very fond memories of the visit, even when we all received an on-the-spot fine for not buying a city-centre tram ticket.

I'd love to take Lisa and Fraser back to Budapest one year.

In the following year, 2015, Lisa and I were married at Leeds Town Hall. Dave acted as my best man.

Jump forward another year to 2016 and we're back at Glastonbury again. It was another wet one and I was a bit fed up.

One afternoon, Lisa, Fraser and I were walking from the John Peel Stage towards the Other Stage when we stopped right in front of one of the big marquees at the dance village.

Live music was booming out from the tent and it was the instantly recognisable sound of George Ezra singing Budapest. We stood there listening until he'd finished the song.

It seemed like I'd come full circle, if that makes sense. Me, George, Lisa and Dave all linked by a hit single.

By the way, Lisa and I are off to Dave and Kate's in Uxbridge next month to help Kate celebrate her 40th. We're all getting old!