I'm an Oldham Rugby League Football Club supporter and one of the subjects I'm going to write about here is my association with that club.

I'll have lots to say on the subject during the course of 2019. Since the new season will begin very soon, my thoughts are turning towards the fun to be had in the next nine months.

This post is about something that really bugs me. The official club logo, badge or crest, however you want to describe it.

Here's the one currently in use by the game's governing body, the Rugby Football League:

Current Oldham logo in use at the RFL

Let's start with the owl on the rock at the top. It looks like someone forgot to colour it in, the rock too for that matter.

The same goes for the two Griffins; their arms and beaks are unfinished. The collars should be red and white stripes and that yellow chicken looking thing on the right pendant should be a black saddle, for Saddleworth.

The crest design is described at the Herarldry of the World wiki. The version shown there is quite poor though.

The Oldham club doesn't have an official logo and has just adopted the town crest as a default fallback. As a guy who creates artwork and social media posts for the club, I have a difficult job spannering it into designs.

I drew this idea of a replacement last year.

Oldham RLFC logo idea

Some fans seem to like it and I've used it personally on Twitter and elsewhere.

Rochale Hornets even used it on social media to advertise the upcoming Law Cup fixture between our two clubs. It was a bit of a shock to see it!

I'd like to see the heraldic crest dropped completely and a modern design adopted.

There are objections from a lot of Oldham fans who want to maintain tradition and while I fully understand that viewpoint, I just want something up to date.

Here's something I drew today. If you don't know, Oldham play in red and white hoops with blue shorts.

Oldham RLFC logo idea

I quite like it but I'm biased!

I'll undoubtedly touch on this subject again in the months to come. I'm on a mission.