My name is Dave Naylor. I'm an Oldhamer living in Leeds, West Yorkshire with my wife Lisa and our son Fraser. I have two daughters—Lisa and Rebecca—who have both flown the nest, and a cat called George.

That reminds me, George has his own Twitter account: @catcalledgeorge. He never tweets. For that matter, neither does Fraser: @FraserNaylor.

This website is my latest attempt at resurrecting a personal blog but this time I'm going to try some different software: Ghost. I played around with Ghost when it first came out but since I was—and still am—very much involved with WordPress, I just put it on the back burner.

I'm using the default Casper theme because I sort of like it. If something else tickles my fancy a few months down the line I might switch just for shits and giggles. The layout and structure of the site might also swap around a lot, it'll just be me getting used to Ghost.

Caramboo Dot Com has been around a long time but dormant for quite a few years. I used to maintain it as a blog but life stuff got in the way and it became abandoned.

I'm therefore getting this "Hello World" type article out of the way before the new year starts in two sleeps time. My intention is to write something new every day during 2019. My inner monologue is mocking me but I'll be trying my best, honestly.

I have varied interests and so in no particular order I'll be writing about Oldham Rugby League Football Club, the odd bit of Linux, WordPress and WebDev stuff with a smattering of politics, film, TV, cooking and music thrown in for good measure. To be honest I might just bleat on about whatever is in my head on a daily basis. Beware posts after 10pm, especially at the weekends.

I did think about running two sites, one for rugby and one for everything else, much as I do with Twitter: (@Caramboo and @RoughyedsFan), but seriously, I'd end up updating neither.

One blog to rule them all it is then.

Here we go, be careful out there people.