Who am I?

I’m Dave Naylor, a bloke from the Lancashire cotton-mill town of Oldham but resident in Leeds, West Yorkcestershire.

I live with my wife Lisa and our son Fraser. I have two daughters, Lisa and Rebecca; they’ve both flown the nest.

I do WordPress and whatever else internetty/webby you want to throw at me. I play with cameras and volunteer at Oldham RLFC in several technical and media capacities.

I like wine, beer, curry and coconut mushrooms.

In 2016 I was voted Supporters Direct Community Champion. I have a crystal shard thing on the mantelpiece to prove it.

What’s Caramboo?

Caramboo is a merge of the footballer Christian Karembeu’s name and Bart Simpson’s second-most used phrase ¡Ay, caramba! I think both were topical when I made-up the word on a whim.

I used the made-up word as an IRC name for a while. I’d change my handle quite often just for kicks. They’d be mostly self-deprecating — for instance I used Airbag for a while.

This site

Caramboo Central is created on my geriatric Arch Linux box with Vim and Hugo then pushed to a Linode VPS with DeployHQ.

Vim -> Type -> Compile -> Commit -> Push.