Tied Up in Knots

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Tied Up in Knots

Learning to tie several types of knot for no particular reason

In Series 1 of The Last Man on Earth, the character Todd Rodriguez demonstrates how to tether a cow to a fence by using a clove hitch. The scene was set up to portray Todd as a good guy to have around, much to the annoyance of another character, Phil Tandy Miller.

Todd and the cow
Todd and the cow

I had no idea how to tie a clove hitch or for that matter any kind of hitch. The only knots I knew were what I called a single knot (an overhand knot), a double knot (two overhand knots together) and a lark’s head knot, something I used in kite flying.

So I Googled how to tie a clove hitch and fell into the world of knots.


The Knowledge

If you search a phrase such as “How to tie knots” you’re presented with plenty of links to knot tying tutorials, many with animations and video instructions.

Two sites I like are Animated Knots and Net Knots, both categorise knots and provide information about each knot’s history and niche use.

I’ve picked a selection of different knots to learn and it’s surprising how you soon get into the swing of things.

The image at the top of this post is a Double Fisherman’s Bend which is used to securely tie-together two ropes. It’s one of the first knots I learnt and I tied the knot in the picture just before writing this post.

The other knots in my repertoire so far are, in no particular order:

I can tie all those knots without reference to instructions because I’ve been walking about with two pieces of tent line in my pocket just like the ones in the top image. I’m hoping to have the knots stick in my muscle memory by going through them all every day.

I had a bit of a 50% fail yesterday when we went for Sunday dinner at the out-laws. I was showing my father-in-law a few of the knots and I think the pressure got to me because I failed to properly remember one or two. I blame the Peroni he was supplying.

I’m hoping that by the time Glastonbury comes round, I can be that guy who knows knots and can wow everybody with my new-found skills.


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