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Yet another attempt at resurrection

Dave Naylor
Dave Naylor
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A new start

This personal website, or blog if you like, has been kicking around the internet for about twenty years. It’s often been neglected and I haven’t done anything with it for at least twelve months.

My interest in it was piqued yesterday when I was invited to create a BlueSky account. I’ll babble on about social media and my thoughts on its current place in the big scheme of themes at a later date. For now though, because I decided to use this domain as my BlueSky handle it made me realise that people may come here for a nosy.

I’m going to give things another go and make this a place for me to write about my day-to-day experiences and thoughts. I suppose that’s the very definition of a blog.

This latest iteration of the site is built with Hugo with the Blowfish theme. Developing a custom personal theme is on my list of things that’ll-never-get-done. So we’ll run with this off-the-shelf theme for a bit.

This post is currently the only content for now but I might port over some of the posts from the previous site version.

Maybe I should set myself a challenge of writing every day next year. To be honest that doesn’t usually go well when I do things like that!

Update It didn’t.